As a source

As a sourceUnlike other considered mixes providing receipt all necessary children , the part of mixes, free from , supplies children with a fenilketonuriya only a mix of amino acids an albuminous equivalent, sometimes in a combination to vitamins, minerals and a quantity of carbohydrates for energy.

Among such mixes for children of advanced age it is possible to mark out Fenilfri USA, ApontiFKU Germany and Tetrafen Nutritek, Russia.

As a source of other food substances serve usual a food.

For children of the first year of life there are highgrade mixes, free from , but the others containing all which can be used as the main product for feeding of babies.

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Hardly tighten

Hardly tighten Attentively familiarize with the instruction on installation and accession of a pristyazhny belt.

Be convinced that belts in your car suit a pristegivaniye kresli.

Hardly tighten a seat belt and check its reliability, having moved a car seat forward.

If the belt sags, tighten it by means of a special being clasped buckle; otherwise you will not manage to fix an armchair reliably.

Do not stretch the site of a belt holding shoulders, through krepyazhny details of an armchair.

Automatic pristyazhny belts of the car not necessarily guarantee safety of an armchair.

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Shouts everything

Shouts everything Soon the husband had to hold me as I tore all the time to take the kid on hands.

Shouts everything became louder and more loudly, at last, I did not sustain and approached to it.

The poor boy it slightly a bag did not descend! Never more than it I will make.

Other mother to whom the doctor advised to give to the child in plenty nakri, shared with us the story about a failure of this method More I could not take out it and at last approached to the kid again to help it to fall asleep.

We sat down with it in a rockingchair and both cried.

To lull it, twice more time, than usually when I approached at once was required.

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Tracey tried

Tracey tried All sent to notice changes in Jessica since she began to sleep , Mick told.

Clare agreed It lost gloom which always was present at it.

Rio, India and CarloThreeyear triplets Tracey Elmor, Rio.

India and Carlo, often at o'clock in the evening yet did not sleep.

Tracey tried to calm them in front of the TV, and then sleeping carried in a bed.

They but turns woke up at night and got over in a bed to Tracey where spent nervous night.

The behavior of triplets during the day was extremely uncontrollable, and Tracey worried that with them cannot consult in kindergarten to which they should go in some weeks.

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Invite friends

Invite friends Here is how it is possible to help the child and the pet peacefully to get on.

Before appearance of the child If your favourite grew in the house where there were no children, let's to it get used to another's children before there will be yours.

Invite friends with children.

Let's to it sniff at the kid under supervision, certainly and to get used to its smell.

That attention which you gave to the favourite earlier, will get now to the child therefore it is necessary to accustom it to it in advance.

When your pet will demand attention to itself, sit down in a rockingchair with a doll and lull it.

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